Thursday, August 09, 2007

Summer fans and spring wisteria (at least the background is white...)

Two new furisode styles for you today.

First up is the red fans furisode - fans being a summer design so nice and seasonal. As usual, geisha and maiko options included with this one.

Next up is the wisteria furisode. It's a little out of season - wisteria are for spring but I simply couldn't resist. Not everyone's cup of tea I imagine - it's the 'loudest' design to date, but I love it! I've only included a maiko version, mainly cause I have a slightly hard time imagining a sophisticated geisha wearing this but if you want the other obi style just send me an IM/notecard and I'll be happy to put both that and the white collar together for you for L$50.



Anonymous said...

Jane Primrose here :) I'm continuing to thoroughly enjoy your designs. The vivid red of the summer fans design is just gorgeous. Will you be creating other garments worn with kimono, like haori jackets?

Hatsune Yoshikawa said...

Hopefully! I've been playing with some prims for uchikake and haori but as of yet haven't hit on anything that satisfies the perfectionist in me! Watch this space though...

Anonymous said...

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