Sunday, August 12, 2007

New designs and a note on gift giving.

I'll slow down with these updates soon enough, but here are three more new arrivals at Flower & Willow.

First is the jade koi furisode - a vibrant green kimono with rainbow fish and the traditional 'wave' pattern in the background.

Then we have a summer design with a peacock and peony pattern (alliteration for the win!) on a rich (some would say peacock) blue.

And finally a lovely purple irotomesode with a pretty floral design at the hem. This one is *just* an irotomesode (ie, no additional mix and match options) and is therefore slightly cheaper.

In other news, prototype versions of fans and parasols are now sitting in my inventory, so hopefully these will be available to match the various kimono styles before too much longer.

Also, I have been asked to deliver my first gift. Those of you who have been to the store will know that my designs are no transfer (mostly because I want to give people the option to modify the prim attachments to fit, and the ability to make safety copies in case of accident!). I am pleased to say that I am very happy to help with gift giving though. I'm hoping to get a gift vendor up and running in the not too distant future, but for now if you want to let me know what kimono you're after, who you're giving it too and include any personalised 'gift tag' you'd like included, I'm more than happy to deliver them myself. I'll even gift wrap them for you at no extra charge.

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