Wednesday, August 29, 2007

News - and updates on the horizon. Honest.

Phew - it's been a while! But I have news!

Today I was putting some finishing touches to a new obi (more on that later) when I met one of the Karyukai Geisha, the beautiful Gee Nakamura - pictured left. She is opening up a new shop at Kyoto BAKUMATSU selling geisha and maiko accessories, and she kindly asked me to place my darari obi and kanzashi vendors there - along with a landmark to my Semple Truth store.

You can find her shop here and the Okiya here

Anyway, back to that new obi... with Autumn approaching quickly, I've been working on some seasonal designs. I have a good dozen or so in the pipeline, so expect to see them filtering through in the coming days. At least two of those will be with you by the end of the week - hopefully more.

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