Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Out of town

Bit of a break in updates at the moment as, as of now, I'm out of town on a business course learning how to video-edit.

There are plenty of ideas swimming around in my head though - from a new style of kimono (she says, fingers crossed), to a variety of shoes, haori, more kanzashi and a line of traditional men's clothing.

I'm still working on animated parasols and fans but hit a bit of a snag when I discovered that my walk animation is set at priority four and is therefore conflicting. I ask you, WHY would you feel the need to set a walk animation that high?! Bah. Anyway, this has meant I've got a little side-tracked with trying to sort out a walk animation for sale (and while I'm at it I might even consider selling my custom stands) but it's proving tricky.

Anyway, with all this stuff in the pipeline I've decided I probably need to find a bigger space to sell it all, in addition to the Semple Truth location. Ideally I want somewhere in a nice, preferably themed, locale with the ability to be added to the places search. So I'm not difficult to please! *cough cough* Anyway, if anyone happens to know of any decent places, I'd be eternally grateful ;)

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